Pancreatic Health Support - Healing Gemstones
Pancreatic Health Support - Healing Gemstones

Pancreatic Health Support - Healing Gemstones

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According to scientists, senescent cells aka zombie cells cover the pancreas thereby reducing the amount of insulin, resulting in Diabetes, especially type 2.  Here is a report from the Mayo Clinic:


Mayo Clinic researchers and their collaborators have shown that when senescent cells -- also known as "zombie cells" -- are removed from fat tissue in obese mice, severity of diabetes and a range of its causes or consequences decline or disappear. The findings appear in Aging Cell.

Inflammation and dysfunction of fat tissue cause some of the insulin resistance in obese people.

In many cases, that dysfunction is caused by zombie cells that already have been shown to be responsible for conditions related to aging and illness, including osteoporosis, muscle weakness, nerve degeneration and heart disease.

These cells also accumulate in the fat tissues of obese and diabetic people and mice.

In this study, the researchers, using genetically modified mice and wild-type (normal) mice, removed zombie cells two ways: by causing genetically-mediated cell death and by administering a combination of senolytic drugs.

Senolytic drugs selectively kill senescent cells but not normal cells.

The result: Glucose levels and insulin sensitivity improved.

The mice also showed a decline in inflammatory factors and a return to normal fat cell function.

The senolytic drugs also prompted improved kidney and heart function, both of which are common complications of diabetes.

"Our findings show that senescent cells are a cause of obesity-related inflammation and metabolic dysfunction, and that senolytic drugs hold promise as a treatment of these conditions and their complications, which include diabetes," says James Kirkland, M.D., Ph.D., senior author of the article. Dr. Kirkland is the director of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging at Mayo Clinic.


The reason that doctors recommend Metformin and other drugs is that these medications assist in reducing the zombie cells around the pancreas.  I did research on healing gemstones to assist in removal of zombie cells but there’s no known remedies.  The best recipe available is to aid, repair and strengthen the pancreas to work alongside your medical care.  After testing this bracelet on a Type 2 Diabetic that needs to administer insulin shots 3x a day, it was discovered that after a spike in the glucose while eating occurred, the levels would drop to lowered levels quicker than not wearing the bracelet.  

The standard size of this bracelet is 7.5".  If you would like a different size, please send me a message with your order.

Crystals have a long tradition of being used for crystal healing. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities. Applying this resonance in a coherent way can help to restore stability and balance to the body's energy system, stimulating its natural healing mechanisms.

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us become integrated, whole beings.

The actual product you receive may not be the same as the illustration.  Your jewelry is handcrafted upon order.  While the Recipe remains the same, the actual gemstones may differ.

No claims are being made in this statement. Information provided has been gathered from writings, books and the internet. DO NOT use as a substitute for medication.

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