Collection: Wealth Attraction

Wealth Attraction

All crystals have vibrations with a unique energy.  The gentle energies of the different gemstones used in the wealth attraction collection work together to change your aura and attract wealth opportunities.  The Collection is not about luck.  The Wealth Bracelet is intended for use on a daily basis.

Many of the Las Vegas travelers use the Wealth Attraction Jewelry.  There are wealth colors that assist these travelers when they need an edge to boost their winnings a bit.  The chart below is based upon your birth date and gender.  If your birth date is not listed, send a request to  The primary color represents your clothing and the secondary color is to be worn as a small percent of the primary color.  Please note that the best results occur when the primary color is solid and not printed. The secondary color can be a necklace or a hat.  Please note that the chart is a general guideline and results are not guaranteed.

janO Designs has long necklaces specifically designed for women with the secondary colors.  The necklace comes with a Wealth Attraction bracelet and is sold as a set.

Year of Birth Chinese Horoscope Animal Date of Birth Male Primary Color Male Secondary Color Female Primary Color Female Secondary Color
1940 Dragon 2/28/40-1/26/41 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1941 Snake 1/27/41-2/14/42 Red Green White Beige
1942 Horse 2/15/42-2/4/43 Blue White Red Green
1943 Sheep 2/5/43-1/24/44 Blue White Blue White
1944 Monkey 1/25/44-2/12/45 Red Green Blue White
1945 Rooster 2/13/45-2/1/46 White Beige Red Green
1946 Dog 2/2/46-1/21/47 Deep Green Blue Yellow Red
1947 Boar 1/22/47-2/9/48 Red Green Yellow Red
1948 Rat 2/10/48-1/28/49 Yellow Red Red Green
1949 Ox 1/29/49-2/16/50 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1950 Tiger 2/17/50-2/5/51 Red Green White Beige
1951 Rabbit 2/6/51-1/26/52 Blue White Red Green
1952 Dragon 1/27/52-2/13/53 Blue White Blue White
1953 Snake 2/14/53-2/2/54 Red Green Blue White
1954 Horse 2/3/54-1/23/55 White Beige Red Green
1955 Sheep 1/24/55-2/11/56 Deep Green Blue Yellow Red
1956 Monkey 2/12/56-1/30/57 Red Green Yellow Red
1957 Rooster 1/31/57-2/17/58 Yellow Red Red Green
1958 Dog 2/18/58-2/7/59 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1959 Boar 2/8/59-1/27/60 Red Green White Beige
1960 Rat 1/28/60-2/14/61 Blue White Red Green
1961 Ox 2/15/61-2/4/62 Blue White Blue White
1962 Tiger 2/5/62-1/24/63 Red Green Blue White
1963 Rabbit 1/25/63-2/12/64 White Beige Red Green
1964 Dragon 2/13/64-2/1/65 Deep Green Blue Yellow Red
1965 Snake 2/2/65-1/20/66 Red Green Yellow Red
1966 Horse 1/21/66-2/8/67 Yellow Red Red Green
1967 Sheep 2/9/67-1/29/68 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1968 Monkey 1/30/68-2/16/69 Red Green White Beige
1969 Rooster 2/17/69-2/5/70 Blue White Red Green
1970 Dog 2/6/70-1/26/71 Blue White Blue White
1971 Boar 1/27/71-2/14/72 Red Green Blue White
1972 Rat 2/15/72-2/2/73 White Beige Red Green
1973 Ox 2/3/73-1/22/74 Deep Green Blue Yellow Red
1974 Tiger 1/23/74-2/10/75 Red Green Yellow Red
1975 Rabbit 2/11/75-1/30/76 Yellow Red Red Green
1976 Dragon 1/31/76-2/17/77 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1977 Snake 2/18/77-2/6/78 Red  Green White Beige
1978 Horse 2/7/78-1/27/79 Blue White Red Green
1979 Sheep 1/28/79-2/15/80 Blue White Blue White
1980 Monkey 2/16/80-2/4/81 Red Green Blue White
1981 Rooster 2/5/81-1/24/82 White Beige Red Green
1982 Dog 1/25/82-2/12/83 Deep Green Blue Yellow Red
1983 Boar 2/13/83-2/1/84 Red Green Yellow Red
1984 Rat 2/2/84-2/19/85 Yellow Red Red Green
1985 Ox 2/20/85-2/8/86 Yellow Red Deep Green Blue
1986 Tiger 2/9/86-1/28/87 Red Green White Beige
1987 Rabbit 1/29/87-2/16/88 Blue White Red Green
1988 Dragon 2/17/88-2/5/89 Blue White Blue White
1989 Snake 2/6/89-1/26/90 Red Green Blue White
1990 Horse 1/27/90-2/14/91 White Beige Red Green
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