The Designer

Jan Oshiro, Chief Designer of janO Designs purchased a Wealth Attraction bracelet for $200 many years ago, even though she was a non-believer in the power of gemstones. That first Wealth Attraction bracelet produced tremendous results as opportunities seemed to appear right before her.  She thought that this type of bracelet would help the community, but it was too expensive for the normal person.  She created a similar bracelet and offered it at $70.  It was an overwhelming success at the local Craft Fairs.  This first bracelet led to many different creations and thus, janO Designs Healing Gemstone Jewelry was born.


janO Designs’ mission is to unleash the Wearer’s abundance in Health, Wealth or Spirituality.

The Authentic janO Bead

The janO Bead on each piece assures the Wearer that the creation being purchased is backed by FREE repairs*, authentic stones and a total solution for caring of the purchased item.  Many of the pieces created are one-of-a-kind and will never be found in a mass merchant store with numerous inventory of the same product.