What is wealth attraction? How do I increase my financial opportunities?

Energy ebbs and flows through the universe and through each of us.  Some people can see these energies and others cannot.  They take the form of auras that surround all things and provide balance and structure to our lives.  Regardless of whether you can see these energies they exist and are impacting your life. 

One of the more powerful aspects of the aura is how it impacts your life chances and opportunities.  Depending on the way your aura is aligned, you can experience increased luck or decreased luck.  As such, luck is not a random event but instead a function of your aura. 

You can increase your luck by enhancing your aura using crystals.  Different crystals alter your energy field in positive ways because each crystal vibrates with a unique energy.  Wealth attraction crystals reinforce your aura and allow for you to experience increased opportunity. Imagine a magnet that emits a field of energy, pulling metals to it.  Apply this same image to yourself, but instead of pulling metals- you are attracting an abundance of opportunities and positive reactions with your environment.

Some people call it the law of attraction, others refer to it as karma, and others consider it to be simple science. In the simplest way, there is an equal and opposite reaction for each action you take. If you act in a manner that strengthens your aura against negative things you will prosper and live in wealth and happiness abundance.

The mystery of wealth attraction is embedded in our understanding of how the natural energies in the universe flow in and around us.  As we explore these energies we become in-tune with them and start to realize when our life is becoming out of balance.  This is a powerful tool for us because we can learn to foresee negativity building in our lives and act to stop losses.  Many practitioners in wealth and health attraction have learned to become sensitive to changes in our aura and know when we need to change directions or alter certain behaviors to ward off the negative energies.  Crystals and other principles of attraction can be invaluable tools in your life. 

There are many other aspects to wealth attraction such as astrological elements, Feng Shui, and study of colors.  When used in conjunction with the wealth crystals you continue to increase the strength of your aura and luck.  Crystals won’t help you if you are just using them periodically.  The process of wealth attraction is a cumulative one that requires continued efforts to be successful.  What is the old saying?  Faith without works is dead.The key to maximizing your opportunity and luck is to combine the many different elements of wealth attraction and use them daily to strengthen your well-being, financial position, and life opportunities.