Quartz: Health & Happiness

Overcoming Suffering 

Happiness can be a subjective concept since what makes people happy changes from person to person and culture to culture. One element of happiness that is easily identified is the concept of not suffering. If we study the Buddhist teaching, it tells us that that the purpose of life is the extinction of suffering. This is understood in Buddhism through what is known as the Dukkha, which is suffering, dissatisfaction, and unease. Within this teaching suffering is a part of life that must be overcome. While some suffering such as the pain of losing a loved one is a suffering that we must endure there are other forms of suffering that we can attempt to avoid and overcome. We achieve this through wisdom and through tapping into the spiritual energies that surround and permeate us all.

Health & Happiness One of the worst forms of suffering is physical suffering. This form of suffering is debilitating because it drains us cognitively by making it difficult to concentrate, work, entertain, and many other aspects of living. Physical pain, especially pain that is chronic, continuously does harm to our well-being and hinders us from achieving true happiness. We combat this form of pain using a combination of different crystals combined with quartz. Quartz also sometimes called spirit quartz are crystals with an ancient history for possessing healing properties. They are also purifying crystals that can help cleanse a person’s spirit. Quartz works by making a person’s aura stronger. Crystal practitioners believe that quartz provides a means of aligning one’s aura in order to balance health and emotional wellbeing. Many people feel the powerful effects of quartz across many aspects of their lives. This occurs in this way by wearing quartz overtime and allowing its healing properties to align your aura and strengthen it. Over time the benefit of healing translates into a reduction in pain and you begin to overcome suffering.

Phantom Quartz

Quartz is just one of many stones that can be combined to create significant healing and positive life changes. When you feel good you are more apt to be successful because you are not hindered by constant pain. Thinking positively and reinforcing your aura can overtime improve your health but also give you more vitality and sense or purpose. Trying to achieve goals and make advancements in life is difficult when you suffer. Be proactive and unleash your health abundance and begin overcoming suffering in your life.