DZI “The Heaven’s Bead” Protecting Your Spirit & Body

The DZI bead derives its name from the Tibetan word “Dzi” which translates to “shine, brightness, clearness, splendor.” These beads come from the Tibetan culture serve a variety of different healing functions. When the DZI is combined with different crystals and stones it can provide wonderous changes both physically and psychically.

DZI provides positive spiritual benefits as protective amulets and other types of jewelry. More than just a good luck charm, DZI is thought to possess the energy of the heaven. DZI is one of the most powerful protective crystals and has been known to save people from disaster as well as maintaining health and spirit.

DZI Crystal

The DZI is thought to work by purifying the person’s spirit and removing negative energy. DZI is also thought to contain wisdom and provides the wearer with the ability to make better decisions. This is symbolized through the eyes that appear on the crystal which represent the eyes of Heaven.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the DZI is that it increases the power of other crystals when used in combination. DZI can be combined with other crystals such as Auralite Amethyst which is believed to be one of the powerful healing crystals. It is often referred to as the Master Healer. When combined with DZI the healing power of this stone is increased. The two crystals work to bring harmony to the mind and body and neutralize negative energies.

DZI can help with very specific issues such as depression, anger, negative desires, ignorance, and jealousy. DZI can help overpower evil spirits and reduce negative energies by transforming them into positive forces.  

 DZI when combined with quartz will provide amplification of positive thinking. This combination will align auras and strengthen the healing process. Again, combination of these crystals provides for increased healing and amplification of many desirable conditions such as better attitudes.

Phantom Quartz

Another great combination of DZI is when it is used with Baroque Pearls. These pearls symbolize faith, charity and innocence. They strengthen personal integrity and focuses an individual. When DQI is combined with the pearl this power is amplified and provides the wearer with more control and individual concentration.  

Baroque Pearls

The pearl’s healing benefits are also amplified. Baroque Pearls can treat digestive disorders and problems in the soft organs. Pearls assist with bloating and biliousness as well as increasing fertility and easing childbirth. 

As you can see, DZI is a powerful crystal that can enhance many other crystals. This power makes it an essential part of any amulet or bracelet. I recommend combining the DZI with other crystals whenever possible to attain maximum energy. If you would like I can assist you with customizing a bracelet or necklace. Feel free to contact me.