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Pain Relief

Crystals have a long tradition of being used for crystal healing. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities. Applying this resonance in a coherent way can help to restore stability and balance to the body's energy system, stimulating its natural healing mechanisms.

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being and reduce pain caused by inflammation.

janO Designs uses Amber and Kyanite for its Pain Relieving Jewelry for Muscle and Joint Pain.  

Arthritis • Carpal Tunnel • Joint Pain • Arm • Knee/Ankle • Shoulder • Neck • Back

Relieve pain by wearing:
Necklace - Neck, Shoulder, Upper Arm, Back
Bracelet - Arm, Wrist, Elbow, Back
Anklet - Knee/Ankle

Please note that no claims are being made in this website. Information provided has been gathered from writings, books and the internet. DO NOT use as a substitute for medication.

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  • Amber and Kyanite Pain Frozen Shoulder Necklace/Bracelet Set - Healing Gemstones
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  • Amber and Kyanite Pain Necklace 18" - 22" - Healing Gemstones
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